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Of maize and money (Sep 2002)
A gene for curvaceous cuisine (Sep 2002)
The dog, the cow, and a hairy protozoan (Sep 2002)
Fighting blast disease: Rice pathogen sequenced (Sep 2002)
Exploring the bovine genome (Jul 2002)
Modified tomatoes have longer vine lives and higher nutritional value (Jun 2002)
Sequencing priorities (Jun 2002)
Two Xanthomonas bacteria that damage crops are sequenced (May 2002)
Two Groups Sequence Rice (Apr 2002)
Moth DNA sequenced for potential insecticide targets (Apr 2002)
Gut reactions: Sequencing ruminal bacteria (Apr 2002)
Scientists sequence Strawberry mottle virus (Mar 2002)
Scientists identify gene that regulates architecture of plant cells (Mar 2002)
Integrated map of the maize genome released (Mar 2002)
Scientists pinpoint gene linked to fat in cow’s milk (Mar 2002)
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