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Scientists sequence the plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum (Feb 2002)
Strings of pearls: The genome sequence of Anabaena (Jan 2002)
The Genome of Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Dec 2001)
Modified tomato plants silence the genes of invaders (Nov 2001)
Endangered wild sheep clone reported to be healthy (Oct 2001)
Genetics in the olive grove (Oct 2001)
Using human DNA sequence, scientists identify mutation for cattle disease (Oct 2001)
Transgenic white clover as oral vaccine against shipping fever (Sep 2001)
In symbiosis with alfalfa (Aug 2001)
Genetic diversity in maize: SNP survey of chromosome 1 (Aug 2001)
Banana genome in five years (Jul 2001)
Researchers transform tomato with Petunia gene (May 2001)
Borrowing from bacteria: Incorporating an E. coli gene into pigs could reduce the environmental impact of swine production (May 2001)
The Legacy of Solid Gold (May 2001)
Paranoid but Popular (Feb 2001)
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