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First complete plant genome yields bountiful harvest of genes (Dec 2000)
Mapping the pig genome (Sep 2000)
Seeds of a New Medicine (Jul 2000)
Genome of bacteria Xylella fastidiosa, a threat to fruit and nut crops, is sequenced (Jul 2000)
Rethinking imprinting (Jul 2000)
Are self-replicating DNA elements helping plants adapt? (Jun 2000)
Clickable genomics (Jun 2000)
Meaningless sex (Jun 2000)
Appetite gene suspected in pigs (May 2000)
What Makes Plants Grow? (Apr 2000)
SHATTERPROOF genes in Arabidopsis are good news for agriculture (Apr 2000)
All the Pretty Horses (Apr 2000)
National Research Council urges greater regulation of genetically modified plants (Apr 2000)
Mapping the Horse (Apr 2000)
Images of Imprinting (Apr 2000)
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