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How Fusion Proteins Cause Leukemia (Dec 2003)
Newly Discovered Genes Implicated in Breast Cancer (Dec 2003)
Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer by Proteomics: Moving Toward the Clinic (Nov 2003)
Genomics Leads to New Leukemia Treatment (Oct 2003)
Genes, Early Lifestyle Affect Onset of Breast Cancer (Oct 2003)
Smoking Guns: DNA Repair and Lighting Up (Sep 2003)
Nanoshells Heat Up Breast Cancer Research (Jul 2003)
Zeroing In On Two Melanoma Genes (Jun 2003)
How to Recognize a Cancer Cell (May 2003)
Genomic Patterns Reveal Breast Cancer Risks (May 2003)
Mouse-to-Mouse Revelation: Genome Yields Cancer Drug Target (Apr 2003)
Two New Lung Cancer Genes (Apr 2003)
The Real Problem in Breast Tumors: Cancer Stem Cells (Mar 2003)
Gene Pattern Predicts Deadliest Liver Cancers (Mar 2003)
Melanoma linked to problems with repairing DNA (Mar 2003)
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