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Detecting Signs of Colon Cancer in Blood (Mar 2003)
Drug response linked to genes in lymphoma patients (Feb 2003)
Gene-silencing study seeks cancer genes (Feb 2003)
Dispatch from Denver (Feb 2003)
Gene signature may signal cancer’s spread (Jan 2003)
Breast cancer gene identified (Jan 2003)
Quitting may be tougher for smokers with “craving” gene (Nov 2002)
DNA Vaccine Starves Tumors in Mice (Nov 2002)
Large-scale genetic changes drive breast cancer (Sep 2002)
Breast cancer susceptibility genes: Overstating the risk? (Sep 2002)
Breast cancer gene repairs damaged DNA (Sep 2002)
Scientists map unstable region of chromosome 11 linked to tumors (Aug 2002)
Risk index: Fifty genes that matter in lung cancer (Aug 2002)
Lymphochip predicts success of chemotherapy in cancer patients (Jun 2002)
Using gene chips to predict relapse in lung cancer (Jun 2002)
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