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Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
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Skin Cancer
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Cancer Genome Project identifies skin cancer gene (Jun 2002)
Breast cancer gene linked to rare childhood anemia (Jun 2002)
What Gene Chips Can Do (Apr 2002)
Targeting p53: New compound may help suppress tumors (Mar 2002)
Scientists find normal rate of mutations in colon cancer cells (Mar 2002)
Whole-genome survey leads to a new classification of leukemia (Feb 2002)
Making predictions about cancer outcomes (Jan 2002)
Discovering DNA repair genes in C. elegans (Jan 2002)
New type of leukemia identified (Dec 2001)
Using molecular tools to diagnose cancer (Dec 2001)
DNA microarrays used to profile kidney cancer (Nov 2001)
Targeted drug discovery (Oct 2001)
‘Arrays of arrays’ promise more efficient gene expression profiles (Aug 2001)
Common mutations of the PTEN gene are linked to earliest stages of endometrial cancer (Jun 2001)
Classifying cancers with DNA microarrays and artificial neural networks (Jun 2001)
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