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A SNP in the prohibitin gene may modify breast cancer susceptibility (May 2001)
Identifying disease-causing nonsense mutations throughout the genome (May 2001)
Polymorphisms in DNA repair gene XPD (Apr 2001)
Mapping a cancer hotspot in the rat genome (Apr 2001)
Gene variant affecting metabolism cuts risk of childhood leukemias (Apr 2001)
Gene therapy reduces cancer in knockout mouse model (Mar 2001)
Optical imaging of blood vessel formation in live mice (Mar 2001)
Scientists identify four genes associated with brain cancer (Mar 2001)
New role for the APC gene in chromosome segregation and stability (Mar 2001)
A new animal model for prostate cancer (Feb 2001)
Scientists identify susceptibility gene for prostate cancer on chromosome 17 (Feb 2001)
Mosaic blood vessels: Implications for drug delivery, metastasis and cancer therapy (Jan 2001)
Cell factories slow growth and shrink brain tumors (Jan 2001)
Scientists uncover a new gene therapy-targeting strategy for treating head and neck cancers (Dec 2000)
Progress on cancer gene chip with prognostic potential (Dec 2000)
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