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Stem cells track tumors (Nov 2000)
SNPs reported in the nicotine receptor CHRNB2 gene (Nov 2000)
Maspin gene as a marker for breast cancer relapse (Nov 2000)
Researchers on the trail of a molecular pathway that may lead to lung cancer (Oct 2000)
Gene determines tanning response and melanoma risk (Oct 2000)
New hope for cancer vaccines (Oct 2000)
Risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women with ancient mutations (Oct 2000)
Closing in on a new gene for breast cancer (Sep 2000)
Detecting mutations (Sep 2000)
Genetic analysis of blood vessels and tumors hints at new targets for cancer therapy (Aug 2000)
Scientists link gene to tumor metastasis (Aug 2000)
Perplexing X in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (Jul 2000)
Shielding the mother cells (Jun 2000)
Genetic inheritance may not be key to vast majority of childhood cancers (Jun 2000)
Gene therapy for brain tumors (Jun 2000)
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