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Leukemia and Lymphoma
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New Drugs for Alzheimer’s May Work for Leukemia (7 Oct 2004)
Genes Linked to Failure of Leukemia Drugs in Children (6 Aug 2004)
Genetic Damage from Leukemia Drugs Persists among Children (9 Jul 2004)
Heart Drug May Help Children Treated for Leukemia (9 Jul 2004)
Honing in on Potential Cancer Drugs (20 Feb 2004)
3-D Structure Shows How Protein Triggers Leukemia (6 Feb 2004)
Tracing the Cause of Leukemia in Gene Therapy Trial (23 Jan 2004)
How Fusion Proteins Cause Leukemia (Dec 2003)
Genomics Leads to New Leukemia Treatment (Oct 2003)
Drug response linked to genes in lymphoma patients (Feb 2003)
Lymphochip predicts success of chemotherapy in cancer patients (Jun 2002)
Using gene chips to predict relapse in lung cancer (Jun 2002)
What Gene Chips Can Do (Apr 2002)
Whole-genome survey leads to a new classification of leukemia (Feb 2002)
Making predictions about cancer outcomes (Jan 2002)
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