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Infectious Diseases
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House Cats Can Carry the Virus for Bird Flu (2 Sep 2004)
Viruses in Strep Bacteria May Worsen Outbreaks (6 Aug 2004)
Gene Test Traces a Polio Epidemic in the Making (1 Jul 2004)
Small Genes May Help “Mono” Virus Hide in Humans (30 Apr 2004)
Bird Flu in Pennsylvania Poses Uncertain Risk to People (20 Feb 2004)
Shape of 1918 Flu Protein Provides Clues to Global Pandemic (6 Feb 2004)
Schistosomiasis: Sequencing the Parasites' Genes (Oct 2003)
The Human Virome (Jun 2003)
Monkeypox Genome: What Do We Know? (Jun 2003)
Rare Mutations Linked to Meningitis (May 2003)
Why Hepatitis Drug Works for Some People (May 2003)
Pylori Paradox: Microbe Harms Stomach But Protects Esophagus (Apr 2003)
Hiding from the World (Mar 2003)
Infant mortality: New clues from the sequenced Shigella genome (Nov 2002)
Wigglesworthia wiggles into the world of sequenced genomes (Sep 2002)
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