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Demise of Malaria Drug Started with Travelers (19 Aug 2004)
How Genomics Propelled a Malaria Drug to Clinical Trials (Dec 2003)
Malaria Parasite Gene Chips (Aug 2003)
Weed killers kill malaria too (Mar 2003)
Mutation is genetic armor against malaria (Nov 2002)
The Parasite and the Mosquito (Oct 2002)
A milestone for genomics (Oct 2002)
Fight against malaria grows more complicated (Aug 2002)
In the laboratory, fighting malaria with transgenic mosquitoes (May 2002)
Flies and mosquitoes: A comparative analysis of distant relatives (Jan 2002)
Mosquitoes of Southeastern Australia (Dec 2001)
Genetic mutation protects against malaria (Dec 2001)
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