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Toxic Cleanup
The Environment
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Poplar Trees: Getting to the Roots of Carbon Storage (Jul 2003)
The Small Red Pear of the Sea (Jul 2003)
Extremophiles, Antarctica, and Extraterrestrial Life (Jul 2003)
Another Minimal Genome: Microbe Needs Just 271 Genes (Apr 2003)
Gene for repairing DNA found in radiation-resistant microbe (Feb 2003)
Versatile soil-dwelling microbe is mapped (Jan 2003)
Sea squirt spouts its genome (Jan 2003)
Metal on the menu (Jan 2003)
Microbe’s donut-shaped genome packs a punch (Jan 2003)
In Boston Harbor, microbes clean up (Nov 2002)
Helping microbes battle pollutants (Nov 2002)
Microbe that breaks down metals, S. oneidensis, is sequenced (Oct 2002)
Cleaning Up Arsenic (Oct 2002)
Japanese extremophile, O. iheyensis, from the deep sea (Oct 2002)
Without oxygen, microbes make a living off methane in Black Sea (Aug 2002)
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