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World’s Hottest Microbe: Loving Life in Hell
(Aug 2003)
Extremophiles, Antarctica, and Extraterrestrial Life
(Jul 2003)
Another Minimal Genome: Microbe Needs Just 271 Genes
(Apr 2003)
Gene for repairing DNA found in radiation-resistant microbe
(Feb 2003)
Microbe’s donut-shaped genome packs a punch
(Jan 2003)
Japanese extremophile, O. iheyensis, from the deep sea
(Oct 2002)
Without oxygen, microbes make a living off methane in Black Sea
(Aug 2002)
Light-harvesting bacterium C. tepidum is sequenced
(Jul 2002)
The World’s Toughest Bacterium
(Jul 2002)
Discovery of undersea creature leads to new archaeal phylum
(May 2002)
From a hot spring in China, T. tengcongensis is sequenced
(May 2002)
New amino acid discovered in Methanosarcina barkeri
(May 2002)
The genome of the hyperthermophile Methanopyrus kandleri
(Apr 2002)
Key player in global warming: M. acetivorans is sequenced
(Apr 2002)
Metal-eating microbe Geobacter metallireducens swims
(Apr 2002)
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