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Chimp and Human Chromosomes Are Compared (27 May 2004)
In Pre-Humans, Weaker Jaw Muscle, Bigger Brain (25 Mar 2004)
Smell, Hearing Genes Differ between Chimps and Humans (9 Jan 2004)
Chimp Genome Goes Online (Dec 2003)
Scents and sense ability (Mar 2003)
Prime time for sequencing primate genomes (Mar 2003)
What’s in a number? (Feb 2003)
Baboon genome points to cholesterol genes in humans (Nov 2002)
Sequencing priorities (Jun 2002)
Gene chips detect differences in human and chimpanzee brains (Apr 2002)
Leaf-eating monkey shows gene theory in action (Mar 2002)
Mapping similarities between humans and chimpanzees (Jan 2002)
Introducing ANDi: The first genetically modified monkey (Jan 2001)
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