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Mice and Rats
Comparative Genomics
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Scientists Map DNA Sequences that Control Genes (17 Sep 2004)
Orangutan, Armadillo, and Slime Mold to Be Sequenced (6 Aug 2004)
On the Ocean Floor, Extreme Worms Eat Whale Bones (29 Jul 2004)
Chimp and Human Chromosomes Are Compared (27 May 2004)
Cystic Fibrosis Mouse May Open Door to New Therapies (30 Apr 2004)
In Pre-Humans, Weaker Jaw Muscle, Bigger Brain (25 Mar 2004)
Smell, Hearing Genes Differ between Chimps and Humans (9 Jan 2004)
Chimp Genome Goes Online (Dec 2003)
Ghoulish Glow: Microbes Inside Worms Kill Pests (Oct 2003)
Yeast Genome Revised (May 2003)
World’s First Knockout Rats (May 2003)
Scents and sense ability (Mar 2003)
Prime time for sequencing primate genomes (Mar 2003)
Genome from down under (Mar 2003)
What’s in a number? (Feb 2003)
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