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Genes and Genomes
“What’s a Genome?”
Human Genome
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Similar patterns of genetic variation present in diverse populations (May 2002)
SNP survey finds surprising similarity in humans worldwide (Dec 2001)
Predicting gene function based on fusion events (Jul 2001)
The glycome project (May 2001)
Whose Genome Is It Anyway? (Feb 2001)
A little variation is the spice of life: SNPs (Feb 2001)
Making predictions about the proteome (Feb 2001)
One Gene, Many Proteins (Feb 2001)
The landscape of the genome: deserts, islands and oases (Feb 2001)
Genomes, Proteomes, and Medicine (Feb 2001)
Crystal structure of a gene regulator identified (Nov 2000)
New method of SNP discovery (Sep 2000)
Survivor in the human genome (Aug 2000)
Gene defect in Margarita islanders may protect against herpes infection (Aug 2000)
Mistakes of the father (Jun 2000)
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