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RNA Interference (Gene Silencing)
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Small Genes May Help “Mono” Virus Hide in Humans (30 Apr 2004)
A Gene’s Many Jobs in the Brain (Dec 2003)
Rewriting the Rules for RNA Interference (Jun 2003)
Gene Silencing Passes Test in Human Cells (May 2003)
MicroRNAs Make Big Appearance (Mar 2003)
Gene-silencing study seeks cancer genes (Feb 2003)
‘Silenced’ gene is passed on (Jan 2003)
RNA Stair at the National Academies (Nov 2002)
Scientists use gene silencing to block hepatitis C virus in mice (Jul 2002)
Silencing Genes in HIV (Jun 2002)
RNA study finds activity in ‘silent’ regions of human genome (May 2002)
Between Genes and Proteins (Mar 2001)
Silencing of the Genes (May 2000)
A tip for finding elusive genes: use less bait (Apr 2000)
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