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Sequenced Genomes
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A Fight about the Toughest Microbe on Earth (15 Oct 2004)
Information on Pathogens Should Flow Freely, Report Says (10 Sep 2004)
Rare Mutations Linked to Meningitis (May 2003)
Pylori Paradox: Microbe Harms Stomach But Protects Esophagus (Apr 2003)
Hiding from the World (Mar 2003)
Infant mortality: New clues from the sequenced Shigella genome (Nov 2002)
Wigglesworthia wiggles into the world of sequenced genomes (Sep 2002)
Potential bioweapon, Brucella suis, is sequenced (Sep 2002)
To Make a Vaccine, First Sequence a Genome (Sep 2002)
Persistent stomach bug H. pylori uses sugar to trick immune system (Aug 2002)
Genetic mutation determines type of Salmonella infection (Jul 2002)
New protein targets for fighting stomach bacterium H. pylori (Jul 2002)
Bacteria use the same genes to fight fungi and humans (Jul 2002)
Resistant bacterium modifies its genome to cause infection (Jun 2002)
Cholera bacteria are more infectious after trip through human body (Jun 2002)
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