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Microarrays (Gene Chips)
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Genomic Patterns Reveal Breast Cancer Risks (May 2003)
Gene signature may signal cancer’s spread (Jan 2003)
Gene chips reveal changes in the hearts of gym rats (Nov 2002)
Large-scale genetic changes drive breast cancer (Sep 2002)
Risk index: Fifty genes that matter in lung cancer (Aug 2002)
Lymphochip predicts success of chemotherapy in cancer patients (Jun 2002)
Using gene chips to predict relapse in lung cancer (Jun 2002)
Gene chips generate therapeutic targets for multiple sclerosis (May 2002)
Tracking the production of multiple proteins from one gene (Apr 2002)
What Gene Chips Can Do (Apr 2002)
Gene chips detect differences in human and chimpanzee brains (Apr 2002)
Expression profiling reveals genes involved in psoriasis (Mar 2002)
The New Brain Scans (Mar 2002)
Standards proposed for gene expression data (Dec 2001)
Using molecular tools to diagnose cancer (Dec 2001)
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