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Microarrays (Gene Chips)
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Watching Genomes Work (Nov 2001)
Two imprinted genes identified using DNA microarrays (Nov 2001)
RESOURCERER: A resource database for DNA microarrays (Nov 2001)
DNA microarrays used to profile kidney cancer (Nov 2001)
Genes on Alert (Oct 2001)
Mountains of data: A three-dimensional C. elegans gene expression map (Sep 2001)
Yeast proteome microarray developed (Aug 2001)
‘Arrays of arrays’ promise more efficient gene expression profiles (Aug 2001)
DNA microarrays used to compare strains of Staphylococcus aureus (Jul 2001)
Profiling gene expression in the mouse hippocampus (Jul 2001)
Using E. coli gene arrays to explore genome of the tsetse fly microbe Wigglesworthia glossinidia (Jun 2001)
DNA microarrays used to investigate how proteins bind DNA (Jun 2001)
Classifying cancers with DNA microarrays and artificial neural networks (Jun 2001)
Identifying disease-causing nonsense mutations throughout the genome (May 2001)
Microarrays reveal differences among types of primary pulmonary hypertension (May 2001)
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