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Bioethics Center
Religious Views

Bioethics draws on a long tradition of religious scholarship on ethics. Here is a selection of religious perspectives on biomedical research and technology.


Buddhism and Medicine from the Journal of Medical Ethics


Christian/Protestant views from The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity in Bannockburn , Illinois

Christian/Protestant views as described in article from the Canadian Medical Association Journal

Catholic views from the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops

Catholic views from the Linacre Institute of the Catholic Medical Association

Hinduism and Sikhism

Bioethics for Clinicians: Hinduism and Sikhism from the Canadian Medical Association Journal


Bioethics for Clinicians: Islamic Bioethics from the Canadian Medical Association Journal


Jewish Medical Ethics from the Jewish Virtual Library

The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Medical Ethics

Surveys of Religious Views

President Clinton’s National Bioethics Advisory Commission included religious perspectives in a report on stem cell research and a report on cloning.

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