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Bioethics Center
U.S. Government

Here are some bioethics resources supported by the federal government.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention International Scientific Ethics

Documents pertaining to human-subjects protections abroad are here.

Department of Energy’s Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of the Human Genome Project

The Ethics component of the Human Genome Project explores issues raised by the growing amount of human genetic information.

Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Human Research Protection

Information on federal oversight of research involving human participants, including extensive resources on Institutional Review Boards, is here.

Food and Drug Administration Guidance for Institutional Review Boards and Clinical Investigators

The FDA’s site provides information on Institutional Review Boards.

National Institutes of Health and Bioethics

The NIH has two major sources of information on bioethics. A general NIH Bioethics Resources on the Web site provides information on topics ranging from clinical trial regulations to cultural issues in research.

The National Human Genome Research Institute has a “Policy and Ethics” Web site that covers topics related to genetics and genomics research.

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